Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Mayhem

Random thoughts after a week of work and strife:

  • I love kettle bells, and it is not a platonic love. I love their versatility, I love their applications, and I love the myriad of exercises and schemes you can complete with them. These things save my life when I don't have time to go to the gym or need a break from the monatony. This is the complex I did before my drive home last week (it ain't a textbook complex but it's close enough):

-KB Power Clean x 6

-Front Squat x 8

-Shoulder Press x 8

-Windmills x 8 (each side)

-Renegade Rows x 8 (each side)

-Russian Twist x 10 (each side)

-KB Hand-2-Hand Swing by 12 (each side)

  • I've become a big fan of training barefoot. Not only does it make me feel all special inside because of strange looks, it allows me to feel the ground and get a better "grip" so to speak. Try it, if you don't mind pissing off a few personal trainers.
  • Take a week off every now and then. People seem to forget that they make progress in the gym when they aren't hitting the iron. Recovery is a huge portion of your gains and take it from me, I learned the hard way. Either do some regular sports, go jogging, do some complexes or just take the whole damn week off. Your body will thank you.
  • I gotta get me some TRX Suspension Trainers. These things are great for body weight and core work. Also, I need some bands too for banded squats. Good for developing power.
  • I need a new gym. As I would think most of you know, we are a minority in the world so we must conform to the Bally Total Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness mentality. Personally, I'm done with it and am going to find a gym with my philosophies instilled in it. Time to invest in my training.
  • Nutrition is tough in college. So with that being the case, I've learned some cheap, inexpensive snacks that don't consist of the words "Ramen" and "Easy Mac". One is an apple, three tablespoons of peanut butter and some cinnamon. Does the body good.
  • Supplements blow. They cost too much and most don't do shit. That's why I go to Biotest on T-Nation for reasonably priced protein and supps for a lot less that normal. (Note: T-Nation has some great articles from the best in the biz. Whatever your goal, they talk and write about it. Check it out.)

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