Sunday, April 19, 2009

Books I Like

I'm a connoisseur of sorts. I'm never happy with just one program design or one training philosophy. I believe every training model and idea has it's place in strength and conditioning. That's why I have over 20 different books on training programs by some of the best guys in the field: Robert Dos Remedios, Alwyn Cosgrove (he has survived cancer...twice), Chad Waterbury, Nate Green, Mark Rippetoe and many more. Every one of them has brought something new and thought provoking to the table. So, without further adue or brown nosing (hey guys, remember my name when I'm looking for a job), here are some of my favorite training manuals and reference guides (in no particular order):

Men's Health Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios

This book is one of the best all around training manuals out on the market. Dos' programs focus on functional training for everyday strength and conditioning. He uses power and Olympic style training exercises to help boost metabolic performance and make your stronger while also making you bigger. I've been using his total body model and it has made great results.

Built for Show by Nate Green.

This book is a must for anyone looking for huge hypertrophy (muscle size for you noobs) gains that goes by the seasons. Nate also has a great section on how to look good while not naked with suggestions on clothing, speaking to women, and generally being a beacon to which sex and naked women gravitate to on a regular basis. I highly reccomend it.

The New Rules of Lifting For Men (and Women) by Alwyn Cosgrove

 Alwyn Cosgrove is probably the single most sought after speaker on fitness in the field. He also, as said before, is a 2 time cancer survivor. This book is great for anyone just starting out in fitness and needs a good solid beginner program. Very good read and makes perfect sense for those who don't understand the jargin of the industry. (Note:Check out Alwyn's fundraising for cancer research. A CD with over 800 pages of articles by some of the best in the biz: Liftstrong.

Huge in a Hurry Chad Waterbury.

 This training manual has it all: great programming, sound nutrition, and science to back it up (for all you uber biomechanical and kinesiology nerds out there). In this manual, Chad looks at what he calls the SIze Principal. The program requires that you lift heavy enough weights to get to the type IIB/X fibers (the ones that allow you to lift ridiculously heavy shit). It has total body programming, strength programming, and bodybuilder style triaining programs available to you (it even has High Frequency Training for arms for you bicep crazy people). Definately give it a look.

Muscle Chow by Gregg Avedon

 Gregg hit the nail in the head with this great cookbook that helps you get the nutritional needs to have while also not making you suck down protein shakes every hour of the day. The recipes help turn on the anabolic switch to help you get great muscle while still remaining lean. If you care about your results (which I think you do considering you're reading this) definately get this book. BTW, it even has freakin' desserts in it!

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