Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm dead. Well, not in the literal sense, as you can plainly see, but in the sense that my body feels as though... I'm tired (too tired to come up with a wity joke. Insert your own at your discretion.) Trying to workout this week has been, purely and simply, difficult. You know it's time for a break when you have heavy breathing while walking up stairs (that's slightly embarassing).

So, whats my plan? Well, it really amounts to not doing shit for a couple of days. I may swim here or there and maybe go for a bit of a jog in the morning to pump some blood to the muscles, but the majority of time will be spent studying for damn finals (fuck you International Law). I'm a believer that your body needs complete rest every once in a while when you train like we do. People seem to forget that part of training. You may not feel sore in the muscles, but your CNS (Central Nervous System) will sure as hell thank you for the time off. I mean I'm an extremely active guy (ladies, there is plenty to go around), so I have to take rests, especially when my routine consists of powerlifting and total body workout plans 3 days a week. Pretty much my CNS is saying "Fuck you man!" 

Hell, next time I get back in the gym, I will most likely be stronger than when I was lifting. I just get all ansy when I'm not exercising, but I know this will help. I'm just staring at my kettlebells and longing for some snatches (yes, pun definately intended).

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