Monday, October 19, 2009

I was sitting here on a slightly cloudy Monday morning here in Goleta, California after just going out to triathlon practice, then doing a couple sprints and burpee countdown, drinking my coffee and eating my eggs and oatmeal when a thought burrowed its way into my mind :"Why do I do this?". Not for the obvious reason we probably all do it which is we enjoy it and its makes us feel like the breed of man that seems to be slowly but surely slipping off of this planet. No, I mean what are your goals? We all have stuff we want to accomplish both in and out if the weight room and I am interested to hear what all of yours are. It may be to deadlift a truck or get 10 good pull-ups in. Whatever they are, however big or minuscule, lets share them. That way, maybe we can help each other reach them. For example, I just recently deadlifted 400 lbs with a hexbar. My new goal is to get up to 420 by Christmas, gain a little bit of muscle, and improve my GPP. Feel free to share on my Facebook comments!

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