Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Triumphant Return...And a Post of course

Ok, without boring what is left of my readership to death, I would like to give you a brief overview of what my life has been consisting of as of late:

  • Awake at 4:45 a.m. and make my breakfast/lunch for the day.
  • Get to the pool deck by 6 a.m. and get ready to train newbs and explain for the 1,386th time what a dumbbell row is and explain why we will never be doing the "300 Workout".
  • Leave at 8:30 a.m. after training varsity and get to the gym to train myself.
  • Get to the beach by 10 a.m. to save lives.
  • Get off by 6 p.m. and eat dinner. 
  • Read my feeds.
  • Sleep by 10 p.m.
  • Repeat.

So, my life is filled with wonderment and joy (and at certain times the feeling that I really need to pull my eyes out of their sockets and rub them with a cheese grater at the sight of freshmen doing "deadlifts").

I d have a post for you people which revolves around new lifters because, hey, that's what I am dealing with. So without further adue, here are 5 things new lifters need to get out of their heads.

  1. I need to buy the latest supplement that will make me more jacked than a big rig- Just because a supplement company says that ingredient "HOLY SHIT!" in product "EPIC!" will allow 72.446% more nitrogen tolerance in muscles doesn't mean its true. Read this article by Brian St. Pierre about this very thought.
  2. Direct arm training is the only way I will make my pythons sick- Well, I agree that it helps, but when you are curling 15 lb dumbbells upwards of 20 repetitions and you can barely do 3 chin ups, you look like a douche. You have got to build a base by using more muscles for the action, like the chin up. The chin up recruits the biceps more and more the close you put your hands together. Once you can do at least 5 with your hands a little less than shoulder width apart, then you can curl til your little arms quiver and shake.
  3. Since I run, I don't need to train legs with weights- That is like saying since I "spank the monkey" with my right hand I don't need to lift with it. Sure, you are doubling up on the work, but in the long run, it makes for a much better time. Now, you may not need to train with maximal loads like a football player, but moderate weights for a medium amount of reps can help with your muscular endurance, ground force output and injury prevention. 
  4. The bench press is the end all, be all of strength measurement/programming- I can't even tell you how many times I 've been asked at the gym  "Yo bra, how much'ya bench?" I usually just say my last max I took (from 2 years ago) and be on my way. Look, I will not bash the bench press. It is a staple in lifting and a good judge of strength. But when the kings of douchbagery abuse it and have a 300 lb bench press but can't squat half their bodyweight, I want to smack the Ed Hardy hat right off their over gelled head. Also, if you have 3 different benching variations in a daily program but only one, or even no pulling exercises, you honestly have no business writing your own programs. Buy a program that some one else has written, read it, and compare it to yours and note the differences. You will be surprised.
  5. Weight training has to kill me- Show of hands, who here has trained longer that 2 hours in the weight room? If you have, please, listen to Sean. Training should be hard, but to make it hard you should not have to be in the weight room so long that a professional soccer match  could be played in full. Intense strength training for longer than an hour causes the body to produce the stress hormone cortisol, which inhibits muscle regeneration and increases fat storage. So, try and get workouts done in at least 50 minutes. Also, make the workout interesting. Flip some shit, throw some shit, push some shit, pull some shit, carry some shit. Oh ya, and of course it should be heavy. Get creative and use your imagination. Training shouldn't be robotic, try and make it fresh everytime.

Until next time, stay strong.

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