Thursday, June 4, 2009

Again, I apologize to you guys about my absence from the blog over the past two weeks. I have begun my job as a State ocean lifeguard and as the weight trainer of my local high schools water polo team. So, needless to say, I have been slightly busy. This seems to be the case every summer but I wouldn't have it any other way. Since summer is here I'm constantly outside and doing the things I love: saving lives, training athletes, and lookin' good. With that, we have a perfect moment for a segue.

It's time for you to get outside people. I know the weather here in Southern California has been less than optimum, but when that shining sun breaks through the clouds, take advantage of it. Try training outside for a change of pace (I have the great opportunity to train at the beach in the sand.) Maybe invest in some kettlebells; they are easily portable and can give you one hell of a workout (and you look plain badass using them). Also, you could look into a TRX system. These are all the rage right now because of their portability, versatility, total body workout ability, and a whole lot of other -ility's that I can't think of. Maybe run some sprints at your local high school track or do your planned workout at a park. The world is your gym, be creative!

So, get some good old Vitamin D and get yourself a bit of a tan and go train outside for a change!

Until next time, be strong.


  1. love your blog. maybe you could incorporate some health and nutrition information for women?